A record of my travels in visuals, sound, and thought. Old routines in new sights, familiar interests, and foreign sounds. Finding friendly people everywhere.

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Cairo day 3. At Habiba's home. Beautiful, hot, humid, homey. Sun is so strong. never seen more beautiful lights in a home. Made friends with the kitties and didnt have allergies-WIN. Here with Habiba, Prith, Christina and Jackie. Saw Cario in 2 days, went in the pyramids, rode camels, ate lots of good food and did lots of things for the first time :)


One day stopover in London from Vancouver to Cairo. Going to go see Stef!

005-Saltspring Island

I'm on the ferry headed to Victoria at the moment. It's about to leave any second now. I can hear the engine revving while across the dock, another ferry arrives.

Mom and I will be spending 5 days on Salt Spring, an island an hour away by ferry from the Victoria ferry terminal. Our direct ferry ride actually broke down yesterday so we're transferring thru Victoria now. Travel days are real!

We are moving now! The last time I was on a ferry, I was going for a basketball tournament with my grade 8 team. Time flies, that was at least 8 years ago. I'm quite excited to see what the island life is all about, and am also secretly evaluating whether or not I can retire to one.

It's a great day for sailing; blue skies & not a single cloud in sight.

"I am here alone, and I love it. I feel free, awakened, ready to live fully, ready to feel the world and grateful to be able to."

002-Home for a bit

Vancouver - First morning of freedom. Feeling so many things and nothing at the same time. I have good friends and family, I'm very lucky. I feel inspired to create agian. I'm seeing the wonderful, playful, creative aspects of life once again. The fire in me has been lit. I am ready


5pm Granville Island  — I spent the day wandering, walking from Yaletown through false creek and found myself in Granville Island. Vancouver is beautiful in the summer time; vast blue skies, a gentle sun, accompanied by the occasional warm breeze. Many bikers & runners passed me by. Found myself thinking about the different pace of life that I've come accustomed to. Moving from SF back to Van is a shock to the system for sure. Something along the lines of: Merging - Life in the slow lane. Haha!



I’m in the midst of a life experiment switching from living and working in San Francisco to living a semi-nomadic life. It will include many months of slow travel to various countries. I’ve started to call it the 60/40 life.

The 60/40 Life: The idea of living the majority of your year in different cities, spending months instead of days in a city, and then living the rest of the year in a city you’ve identified as “home”. The decision to live semi-nomadically felt natural, as if the subtleties of life had me pointing towards that direction for years. Here’s 3.

Working at Airbnb  — 2 years as an Experience Designer flew by. It was most definitely one of the most creative places I’ve worked at, and a place in which I observed the possibilities for redefining the meaning of home. There, I crafted experiences with a talented team and learned a lot about myself in the process. At work, I realized that the open-office way of working didn’t suit me. Instead, I would scope out different corners of our beautiful office space and “work remotely”. Being away from my desk enabled me the space to get in the zone and work productively without distraction and each meeting thereafter felt rejuvenating and useful. I was most productive and happy when I found those pockets of alone work time, and had separate fun social time with coworkers. To summarize: I was looking for balance and wanted to live a lifestyle that allowed me mobility & the ability to be anywhere while working and learning.

Inspiration: Rework — DHH & Jason Fried


"The team sending me off with MickyD's on my last day at Airbnb.

The idea of home — I had many conversations with people from all walks of life regarding the balance between work & life, travel, the idea of home, life choices, relationships, and such. Each time illuminating patterns and questions to which the answers I seek. How does the concept of home change when you’re on the road? Is home where you’re from, where you’re most comfortable, a set of people? Is home a constant? Is it not an illusion that it will be constant? How does one reconcile with that fact? Or do you create it?

My teachers — I have been fortunate to have found teachers, quite serendipitously, whom have illuminated paths unknown to me. Greg, my Zen teacher & friend, is kind, patient, and full of life! He’s shared so many books and stories with me over tea. What fond memories I have of this friendship. All this because I walked into Forest books one day! I seek spiritual growth on this journey. For this reason, I am going to be in Japan for a while, and then in China and Taiwan.


It all makes a lot of sense to me. Here’s to the wandering days. This is the start of the voyager logs.